About Us

To those who would not suffice with stars…

Hotel Rabis opened its doors to its esteemed guests back in 2008. Having its special place in the hearts of all residents and visitors of Şanlıurfa with its modern and elegant architecture and boutique hotel design, Hotel Rabis is at walking distance to Balıklıgöl, covered bazaars and many historical and touristic sites.

Hotel Rabis has its distinctive services responding to personal interests and likes of its guests visiting the city for business or vacation. During your stay, you will feel yourself special with the pleasing environment, professional team, perfect concept of service and peaceful atmosphere of the hotel...

It will be the best choice to add Şanlurfa to your list of possible vacation places, known as the “city of prophets” and also the first human settlement in history.

You can make your vacation more meaningful by seeing Şanlıurfa’s historical sites and cultural richness and discovering its hidden beauties. While in Şanlıurfa, Hotel Rabis will be happy to host you with its unique concept where quality and elegance can be easily noticed in every detail.

Our Mission

Our mission is continuously going beyond the expectations of our gusts, personnel and business partners.

Our Values

  • Continuously going beyond given expectations
  • Honesty
  • Continuous improvement
  • Learning, entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit and equity

Our Targets

  • Extending quality services on the basis of a modern concept of hotel keeping.
  • Continuous development of human resources
  • Keeping guests satisfied all the time.
  • Keeping personnel satisfied all the time.

Our Quality Policy

It is the first and foremost objective of our hotel to extend services of highest quality by upholding the satisfaction of our guests and personnel. In line with this objective, our priority and strict rules in management include:

  • Protecting the nature and environment,
  • Strictly observing the rules of hygiene in the facility and its environments,
  • Complying with legal requirements,
  • Increasing the number of guests who will check in once more,
  • Continuous development and renewal on the basis of total quality management.